How To Increase Online Visibility: 4 Crucial Tips For 2023 (2023)

In today’s world, maintaining an online presence is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. Online visibility enables individuals to connect their brands to customers. It allows people to give updates and information about their products and services. Besides, an online presence enables business owners to engage directly with their audience.

However, maintaining online visibility is not an easy task. It requires consistent action over a long period of time and that can be a lot of work. Fortunately, there are some ways that can help you achieve a sturdy online presence. Keep reading to learn about online marketing strategies and SEO that will help you improve your online visibility.

What is Online Visibility?

It is the presence of your brand, products, or services on the internet. It enables customers to reach your site by themselves. In addition, online visibility adds value to your brand image, making your website stand out. Even though a company can have a website, it takes great effort to make it visible.

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How Do You Increase Online Visibility?

There are many ways to improve online visibility, but not all of them are created equal. You need to consider what will work best for your business and dedicate time to it. The most important part is to be consistent with your online strategy, no matter what method you choose. Also, tracking landing page metrics can be very useful to know how your website performs. Here are some tips on how you can increase online visibility:

1. Optimize Your Website For Search Engines With SEO

Search Indexing and Crawling

The first step here is to ensure that your website is actually visible and search engines can crawl and index your website. If you don’t do this all your SEO efforts won’t matter because your website won’t be visible on Google. You can check this using Google Search Console. Below are some ways to make your website easy to crawl and index:

  • Consistently add new content to your website – Web crawlers aim to find sites with new and updated content. If you regularly update content on your website, you increase the chances of a web crawler visiting the site.
  • Update original content – Avoid adding duplicate content to your website. Having content similar to other pages reduces the number of times crawlers visit your site.
  • Reduce page loading time – The time web crawlers take to visit your site is limited. So speeding up your page load time will ensure that web crawlers visit your site on time.
  • Enhance internal links – Web crawlers follow links for movement through the website. Strengthening links facilitates the possibility of web crawlers finding your content.

Index Your Website With Google Search Console

A good first step to ensure your website is and can be indexed is to add it to Google Search Console. To do that simply log into GSC and add a property.

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Paste your homepage URL into the “Domain” field on the right. Now you need to verify your site.

There are several different ways to verify your site. The easiest ones are probably:

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  • HTML file
  • CNAME or TXT record
  • HTML code snippet

Personally, I think that the CNAME or TXT record is the easiest one.

After you have pressed the “Continue” button you should have received a unique code. You need to enter that code as a CNAME or TXT record in the domain settings of where you bought your domain. In my case that would be Namecheap. It can take up to 72 hours until your site is verified so if it doesn’t work immediately give it some time and then try again.

Once your site is verified the next step is to index your existing or new content.

In your GSC dashboard select “URL Inspection“.

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Enter the URL of the page you want to index and then hit request indexing.

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Usually, Google indexes your page within a few minutes but may also take longer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website to make it better for search engines. Optimizing your site improves its visibility when customers search for related products or services on search engines. SEO is vital because high rankings and visibility help your brand stand out from the competition. This can lead to a lot of sales or conversions.

To do this you need to optimize your website for the search engine. This means adding relevant keywords to your website content so that when people search for these keywords, your website appears as the top result. You can do keyword research using Google Keyword Planner. Or use other sites like Semrush or Ahrefs. The cost of SEO optimization can also be really beneficial, unlike ads for example. With ads, it is very easy to spend a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing.

Some Quick Tips To Help You With SEO:

  • Choose the right keyword – Not all keywords are created equal. Some may have too much competition while others may be too specific. The best keywords are those that have high monthly searches and low competition. In order to know which keywords to target you have to do some keyword research and analyze the search results to know what people are looking for when searching for specific keywords.
  • On-page SEO – Once you’ve chosen the perfect keyword, make sure to use it throughout your website including in the title, meta description, header tags, and body text.
  • Optimize images – Whenever you add an image to your website, make sure to include keywords in the file name and fill out the alternate text field with a relevant description.
  • Create quality content – One of the most important ranking factors is the quality of your content. Write RELEVANT and ORIGINAL content that is helpful and informative (more on this later).
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly – With over 60% of traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s important to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. This means that your website should be responsive and easy to use on all devices. You can test how mobile-friendly your website is using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

To get a more thorough walkthrough of how to increase your visibility and get more traffic online with SEO you can check out our SEO game plan.

Google My Business

Another big part of SEO is local SEO, especially your Google business profile. If you optimize and improve your listing that can as a result lead to a lot of business online from your local audience.

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Google My Business is a free platform that allows businesses to manage their online information. This includes your business name, address, phone number, hours of operation, category, and more. Also called NAP which is an abbreviation for name, address, and phone. You can also post photos, special offers, and events on your profile which helps you stand out from the competition.

For example, one way to improve your Google My Business listing and your reputation is with online reviews! Contact current or previous clients that had a good experience when buying or using your service or product. Ask them to provide reviews of your GMB listing that are honest and fair. That will improve your local SEO and will make you look better in Google’s eyes!

This guide on local SEO is great if you want to learn more about local visibility online!

2. Use Social Media Platforms To Increase Online Visibility

To create a strong online presence for your business make sure to post regularly and interact with other users on social media sites. You can also use social media to share blog posts and other relevant content from your website.

Importance of a Good Social Media Profile For Improving Online Visibility

  • Improves brand awareness – Many people use social media networks. Having a good social media network improves visibility among potential customers.
  • Some customers use your social media profile to judge your brand – A good social media profile creates a good impression among customers who are researching your brand. However, an empty page is a turn-off for some customers. Therefore it is very important to keep your social media updated with new and relevant content.
  • Communicate about brand personality – Having a good social media profile signals that you are willing to interact with customers. It also helps in forming an emotional connection with the customers.
  • Help you stay ahead of the competition – Competitors are also working out ways to improve web presence. So having an active social media profile gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Referrals – Customers who have had a good experience with your brand may refer you to friends on social media. Having an established social media profile allows you to interact with the referrals.

You don’t have to have social media accounts on all platforms but ensure you have one on the big ones like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

3. Ads

Ads are the most common and popular way to increase online visibility. You can create advertisements on many different platforms but Facebook and Google are some of the most effective to reach your target audience.

Google Ads

Perhaps the most famous one and maybe the most commonly used. Ads on Google are a form of paid search and can be very effective in getting your website in front of potential customers. Google Ads are displayed on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Below is an illustration of how Google ads might look like when shopping for a backpack.

How To Increase Online Visibility: 4 Crucial Tips For 2023 (6)

You can read more about Google Ads on their website.

Facebook Ads

One of the newer kids on the block but it’s growing up fast. Facebook Ads are becoming more and more popular due to the sheer number of users on the platform. Facebook also offers some targeting options that other platforms don’t which makes it even more powerful. On their website, you can find more info on how to get started.

Microsoft Advertising

Not as popular as Google Ads but still quite commonly used. Microsoft Advertising work in a similar way to Google Ads and can be just as effective. You can find more information on their website.

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There are many other ad platforms and digital marketing strategies out there but these are some of the most common and most effective for increasing visibility online. Experiment with a few and see which one works best for you and your business.

Other advertising platforms:

LinkedIn Ads

Twitter Ads

Pinterest Ads

Snapchat Ads

When creating online ads, there are a few things to keep in mind:

– Your ad should be relevant to your target audience

– The headline and copy of your ad should be clear and concise

– Use attractive visuals such as images or videos

– Include a call to action

(Video) 📆 Google Calendar Tips and Tricks

– Set a budget for your ad campaign

– Test different versions of your ad to see what works best

4. Blogging For Online Visibility

Blogging is another great way to improve online visibility. By creating compelling content that educates, informs, and entertains, you can attract more visitors to your website. In addition, blogging helps to improve your search engine results which will also lead to more traffic.

Here are a few quick things to keep in mind:

– The title of your blog post should be catchy and relevant

– The content of your blog post should be well-researched and informative

– Include images or videos in your blog post to make it more visually appealing

– Use keywords throughout your blog post so that it ranks higher in search engines

– Share your blog post on social media and other online platforms

– Create and publish content regularly to keep your audience engaged

Also, ensure your blog post is SEO optimized so it will generate some traffic for you. Check out our Landscaping SEO Cheatsheet to help get started with SEO for your landscaping business.

(Video) Maximizing Your Voice Search Visibility: An Essential Guide for 2023 | Dr. SEO

Another thing to remember, if you’re not a writer or don’t have time to blog, you can always hire a freelance writer to create content for you. Just make sure they are experienced in SEO and creating quality content.

The Bottom Line

Online visibility is an important marketing strategy in the online world. Therefore, business owners need to take the necessary steps to reach potential clients online. The first step is creating a great web design by choosing the right web design agency and optimizing for search engines. Just taking those steps will most likely set you apart from many businesses in your niche. Ensure you contact Arepto today to get a reliable partner to help you get started on the right foot with your online marketing.

If you have any questions or need help with your online visibility we are happy to help!


How can I increase my visibility online? ›

Here are 10 ways you can increase the visibility of your online content:
  1. Focus on quality over quantity in followers. ...
  2. Engage. ...
  3. Post at the right time. ...
  4. Optimize for search. ...
  5. Include visuals. ...
  6. Use hashtags. ...
  7. Pin your most important posts. ...
  8. Share other people's content.
Jan 17, 2023

How do you increase visibility and types of visibility? ›

10 Strategies to Improve Your Company's Online Visibility
  1. Create High-Quality Content. ...
  2. Invest in an Efficient SEO Strategy. ...
  3. Take Advantage of Social Media. ...
  4. Cross-Promote. ...
  5. Join Forces With Other Businesses. ...
  6. Collaborate With Influencers. ...
  7. Inspire Engagement and User Generated Content. ...
  8. Optimize Your Website.
May 4, 2022

What is the importance of online visibility? ›

There are a handful of reasons why online visibility is important: It lets users find your site on their own. Unique visitors, or new daily visitors, are customers supporting your business. Online visibility helps with brand reputation, or how a business is perceived in the marketplace.

What is online visibility types? ›

In digital marketing, online visibility or online presence refers to how much attention, or awareness, your business has online. This means where your brand shows up on the internet, across different digital channels. Today, just because you have a website doesn't mean it's visible to the right audience.

What are the different types of visibility? ›

With respect to visibility, there are five main types: flight visibility, ground visibility, prevailing visibility, runway visible value, and runway visible range.

What does it mean to increase visibility? ›

meanings of increase and visibility

how clearly objects can be seen, or how far you can see clearly, usually because of the ... See more at visibility.

What is visibility strategy? ›

This means using multiple methods to reach your customers, rather than just one or two – including both online and offline communications. This gives you the maximum number of opportunities to connect with potential customers.

How can a company improve visibility? ›

Follow these four tips to increase the visibility of your independent business.
  1. Create a Professional Website. Think of your professional website as your primary online business presence. ...
  2. Take Time to Network. ...
  3. Create Engaging Content. ...
  4. Grow Your Social Presence.

What do you know about visibility? ›

The visibility is the measure of the distance at which an object or light can be clearly discerned. In meteorology it depends on the transparency of the surrounding air and as such, it is unchanging no matter the ambient light level or time of day.

What are the three types of visibility? ›

There are three visibility modes in inheritance in C++, private, protected, and the public that determine the derivation of the features of the base class.

What are the three levels of visibility? ›

When you think about being visible, consider that there are three levels of visibility: low, medium, and high. The two levels that typically impact you are your personal visibility and the visibility of the work that you do.

What are the four common ways of visibility? ›

There are four common ways that visibility can be achieved from object A to object B:
  • Attribute visibility— B is an attribute of A.
  • Parameter visibility— B is a parameter of a method of A.
  • Local visibility— B is a (non-parameter) local object in a method of A.
  • Global visibility— B is in some way globally visible.

What is a good visibility? ›

Generally, an average height person can see up to 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) at sea level. This is the best possible visibility at sea you can have, if your eyes are six feet above sea level and the weather is great.

What are the visibility rules? ›

Rules of Visibility allow you to define what elements and sub-elements users and user groups can see based on constraints that you define. For example, agents can only work with data for the parties associated with contracts that they service.

What affects your visibility? ›

The visibility is depending on the number of aerosols in the air (water droplets, ice crystals or other particles like dust), as the aerosols will reflect the incoming light. The more aerosols that are present in the air, the poorer visibility. However, also the form of the aerosol will affect the visibility.

What features improve visibility? ›

Use These Tips To Improve Visibility When Driving
  • 1 1. Make Sure Your Mirrors Are Angled Properly.
  • 2 2. Install a Back Camera.
  • 3 3. Make Use of Parking Sensors.
  • 4 4. Keep Your Windshield Clean.
  • 5 5. Check Your Headlights.

What is the purpose of visibility? ›

Visibility is also important and can be productive in identifying problems before they erupt into larger issues. Problems surfaced as part of a walk-thru, department visit, casual conversation or simply “being there” can be addressed proactively before they reach a level of crisis or escalated concern.

What is visibility activity? ›

Visibility activities are the activities carried out to announce and promote your Sub-project and the institution and organization that finances the Sub-project to all stakeholders and the public.

How do you write a visibility plan? ›

How to Create a Visibility Plan for Your Online Business
  1. Step #1: Determine where you'll show up.
  2. Step #2: Plan your time by looking at the big picture.
  3. Step #3: Writing Your 30-Day Visibility Plan.
Feb 28, 2018

What is the importance of visibility in business? ›

In business, visibility refers to the extent to which a company can estimate its future performance. While it is a very broad term that applies to both short-term and long-term performance, having visibility into the organization greatly helps management to run a business better.

Why is visibility good for business? ›

Being visible allows you to attract more clients

They show up consistently, get known for something, and build an audience over time, while attracting and signing more clients. That's why being visible is so important! It can help you grow your business much faster.

What is visibility in business example? ›

A company's visibility online refers to how easily your company or product can be found. For example, if you are a makeup company, where do you rank when someone googles “long-lasting foundation”? If you appear on the first page, customers are more likely to at least click on your site to see what you have to offer.

What is visibility short answer? ›

Visibility means how far or how clearly you can see in particular weather conditions. Visibility was poor. 2. uncountable noun.

What is an example of visibility? ›

In addition to meaning "how well you can see," visibility can also mean "how well others can see something." So, the reflective stripes on your running pants give you visibility in the dark because they help other people see you.

What is visibility and types of visibility in digital marketing? ›

Visibility depends on the rank of your website on search results and therefore can be improved by increasing your website's rank on search results. Examples of visibility types are: Social media: Your result appears on social media platforms. Websites: Your website link or content appears on another website.

How can I improve my visibility and engagement? ›

10 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Visibility
  1. Create Great Content. ...
  2. Know When Your Audiences are Online. ...
  3. Include Links in Your Profiles. ...
  4. Use Calls to Action. ...
  5. Engage with Your Followers. ...
  6. Explore New Formats. ...
  7. Collaborate with New Partners. ...
  8. Don't Forget About Hashtags.
Aug 13, 2022

What are the different types of visibility in marketing? ›

In marketing, there are, generally, two types of visibility: external and internal. The former is the one that most business owners usually focus on, while the latter tends to be put on the back burner.

How do you increase visibility in digital marketing notes? ›

One of the best tactics for increasing visibility in digital marketing is investing in paid ads. Paid ads are advertisements you pay to run online. Common platforms where marketers run paid advertising include search engines (Google Ads), social media platforms (Facebook Ads), and paid content (sponsored blog posts).

How do you create visibility? ›

Use these strategies to boost your visibility:
  1. Speak up in meetings.
  2. Strengthen your relationship with your boss.
  3. Ask for high-visibility projects.
  4. Volunteer to represent your team.
  5. Participate in learning opportunities.
  6. Demonstrate your expertise.
  7. Form a Mastermind Group.
  8. Grow your network.

How can social media improve brand visibility? ›

9 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media
  1. Choose the Right Platform(s) for Your Audience. ...
  2. Deliver Content and Engage With Audiences. ...
  3. Encourage Your Audience to Share Your Content. ...
  4. Connect With and Learn From Influencers. ...
  5. Mention Influencers, Partners, Customers, and More. ...
  6. Maintain Relationships With Customers.
Jan 10, 2023

What is digital visibility? ›

What is Digital Visibility? Digital visibility is the overall presence of a brand or its products in online spaces. A business can have a killer website, but if users are unable to find it online, that site will not generate as much value as it could.

How do you promote project visibility? ›

Ways to increase visibility in a project
  1. Customize your project dashboard according to your team's specific needs.
  2. Create a thorough project charter and scope statement.
  3. Give regular project status reports.
  4. Use collaborative software for proofing and approvals.
  5. Allow clients to have access to project management tools.


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